the cost of wi●reless infra●structure by b◆etween 15 perc●ent and 40 pe〓rcent. This would ◆save North Americ◆a at least 20 bi〓llion U.S. d●ollars over the● next four● years.Guo Ping ■expressed hi■s belief that H〓uawei can ○bring more ad■vanced technologie●s to the United ◆States and help ●it build t●he best 5G networ●ks."Huawei is willin〓g to address the U.S●. Government's◆ security concerns. ○Lifting the NDAA ban○ will give th

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e U.S〓. Government the fl■exibility it needs t■o work with ●Huawei and solve re■al security iss〓ues," Guo ●added.Please sc●an the QR Code to fo●llow us on I○nstagramPlease scan ●the QR Cod■e to follow ○us on WechatHu〓awei


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launches fol■dable 5G s○martphone Ma〓te XHuawei laun■ches foldable 5G sma●rtphone Ma■te XHuawei la●unches foldable 5G○ smartphone Mat◆e X02-25-2019 10:4●7 BJTBARCELONA●, Spain, F●eb. 24 -- Chi■nese tech company 〓Huawei on


co●mpete would redu■ce

Sund●ay its their Mate X,◆ a foldable〓 5G ready sma〓rtphone, at ○an event atten●ded by around ●3,000 people held ○on the eve of the 〓2019 Mobil●e World Congress● (MWC2019) whi■ch opens here on Mo●nday.The Mate X ha〓s a 6.6

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